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Astroneer Spoilers 

More Astroneer with @carsonb last night. We tunneled to the center of Calidor and were proper impressed by what we found there.

I dived back into Astroneer with @carsonb this week, and it's been a blast. The progression through the tech tree is in that sweet spot between a walk in the park and an impossible-looking climb. I'm excited to do more next week!

I successfully installed Hometown 2.9.3 on the other night. Thanks to @darius and other contributors for their hard work, I'm excited to see what comes next.

@darius I have been thinking about the future of my tiny (>10 user) social Slack group a lot recently.

Today I came across linked from discussion on the new Mastodon 3.0 release.

Coincidence? Highly likely!

Anyway I think there are some great ideas in there and it has fanned the community-building flame in me. Thank you for writing it.

The weather is finally good enough to get outside with some tools and build something!

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Currently building an interface to let users delete their own accounts for @prismo

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I'm really digging the v1 release of Riot's web/desktop app. If you tried it in the past but found the UI a turn-off, I highly recommend giving it another go now

Researching Scuttlebutt this evening. Does anyone I know on here use it? Can you recommend a pub I can follow?

My daughter's advent calendar this year features a Lego set divided up into 24 parts that she can assemble in the run-up to Christmas.

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, we'll see tomorrow what she thinks 😁

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