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I've been making lots of progress on the costume, but I hit a snag last night.

I was going to paint everything using Krylon Colormaster, but after spraying a test piece I realized that it cracked like crazy when flexed 😧

Tonight I'm going to make an emergency trip to the art supply shop and pick up some heavy body acrylics that should stand up to flexing much better 🤞

Just a small update today: I roughly trimmed off the excess base foam around the top and bottom trim with a knife, then sanded it flush with my rotary tool.

Next up is figuring out how it's going to fasten when my daughter wears it. After that it'll finally be ready to paint!

All glued up! The armour is still pinned to the dummy for now while the contact cement cures overnight.

I have to trim some parts (esp. either side of the eagle's head) but after that it'll be time for some paint!

In the second photo you can also see the details now that I've given it a once over with the heat gun. After painting and weathering they'll look even more pronounced.

Detail is all scored in. You likely can't see the cuts in this picture, but once I've hit it with the heat gun they'll open up to give an effect similar to the second picture.

Here's the final trim. I'm going to mark the edges then unpin everything so I can clean up the main piece before detailing it.

I forgot to take pictures but I cut out the basic shapes for the lower trim this evening.

Tomorrow they'll get glued together and pinned to the dummy so that I can plan the armour detail.

Wonder Woman armour base pieces are now assembled, and I've cut out the eagle design that's going to go around the top. Tomorrow I'll work on the bottom trim, and start on the armour detail itself if I have time.

Take 2 on my daughter's Wonder Woman costume. This time I'm using thinner foam and I make a duct tape dummy of her torso to pattern against. I'm much happier with the progress on this one so far.

Someone ran a pen-test tool against a production system of mine last night. I realized that I have basically no experience auditing my own systems after an attempted attack to see if anything got through.

Gotta put together a reading list!

At Ottawa's Museum of Nature with my daughter. It doesn't matter how many times we visit, she gets something out of it every time.

Btw I figured out my problem. I overrode the applications config value so it was loading uberauth and nothing else. Oops!

I wanted to start a project with / last night, but as soon as I tried to add uberauth my server wouldn't start ☹️

Found out about this super useful git command for checking out the previous branch:

git checkout -

Not sure how I went this long without knowing that, but I'll be using it all the time now :D

Went out to the Peak District to show Zoe some of my teenage climbing haunts. Accidentally became a catalogue model in the process:

Zoe is dead set on being Wonder Woman for Halloween so I'm working on making Godkiller out of EVA foam.

I've watched a lot of tutorials online but this is the first time I'm trying it myself. It's going well so far!

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