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I forgot to take pictures but I cut out the basic shapes for the lower trim this evening.

Tomorrow they'll get glued together and pinned to the dummy so that I can plan the armour detail.

Wonder Woman armour base pieces are now assembled, and I've cut out the eagle design that's going to go around the top. Tomorrow I'll work on the bottom trim, and start on the armour detail itself if I have time.

Take 2 on my daughter's Wonder Woman costume. This time I'm using thinner foam and I make a duct tape dummy of her torso to pattern against. I'm much happier with the progress on this one so far.

Someone ran a pen-test tool against a production system of mine last night. I realized that I have basically no experience auditing my own systems after an attempted attack to see if anything got through.

Gotta put together a reading list!

At Ottawa's Museum of Nature with my daughter. It doesn't matter how many times we visit, she gets something out of it every time.

Btw I figured out my problem. I overrode the applications config value so it was loading uberauth and nothing else. Oops!

I wanted to start a project with / last night, but as soon as I tried to add uberauth my server wouldn't start ☹️

Found out about this super useful git command for checking out the previous branch:

git checkout -

Not sure how I went this long without knowing that, but I'll be using it all the time now :D

Went out to the Peak District to show Zoe some of my teenage climbing haunts. Accidentally became a catalogue model in the process:

Zoe is dead set on being Wonder Woman for Halloween so I'm working on making Godkiller out of EVA foam.

I've watched a lot of tutorials online but this is the first time I'm trying it myself. It's going well so far!

I wish more VR/gamedev folks posted here instead of birdsite. I love my Mastodon feed but it's still very mastodon-focussed.

To that end: If you're posting VR and/or gamedev on the fediverse (or know someone who is), let me know! I want to follow you!

Side note: I'd love to hear about Mastodon users who are into Kubernetes.

If you are one or know of any please let me know!

I know so much more about Kubernetes than I did a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still at the stage where I have to follow a guide to get much of anything done.

For example! If I want to automate registering SSL certs I can install a special Issuer component. To do that I use Helm, which is a package manager for K8s. I didn't even know that was a thing!

Then there are 'charts' for automating the setup of entire apps in the cluster...

The list goes on. I'm enjoying myself though!

@pixelfed I love that this exists, I've got my fingers crossedfor our success.

A couple of questions:

How are you planning on keeping the site sustainable (paying server costs, etc.)?

Can I follow folks on pixelfed from my Mastodon account? If not is that coming? is now running mastodon 2.4.0!

Check out the changelog here for details on new features:

Thanks to @Gargron and all the contributors for their work on the latest release.

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