@mogwai_poet right? My group's current plan involves picking one at random to install and play each time we're waiting for everyone to show up for one or our usual games.

@mogwai_poet there are so many games in there. When I picked it up yesterday there were only 750!

Work let me expense some new noise cancelling headphones. I've never owned a pair before and omg they're already doing wonders. Being able to filter out the misc noise from the living room above me is a huge focus booster.

I've been working with stimulus.js on a side project and I have to say it's a pretty great way to get the little bit of JS that we need into the page. I'm a fan.

@bartleby Good eye, they both feature Battersea power station in London.

This is my favourite mug. It's from the 2012 London Olympics.

Very excited for the Crew Dragon launch today. 45 minutes to go, and the weather is currently green! youtu.be/bIZsnKGV8TE

@nolan I have a project on the go right now that could use something like this. Webpack dev server takes forever to compile everything on first run. Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out.

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Hometown v1.0.4+3.1.4 is now available!


In addition to upgrading to Mastodon 3.1.4, this includes significantly better support for local-only posting from 3rd party apps. Hometown will now respect your default federation setting from a third party app, so if you're set to local by default, apps will post local by default. More info here:



So I know anyone on here who is a member of lobste.rs? Would love an invite.

@mogwai_poet give past Jim a high five, that guy is clearly looking out for you.

@peter my mantra is "breakfast and move things"

@fribbledom ah! Good call.

Seems like a good global list would be made up of files unique to your local setup (like the editor backups) but not those likely to be generated by the project itself (node_modules)

@fribbledom what's the tilde rule about? I've not seen that before.

@fribbledom if I did this I'd still worry some other idiot would commit those files to the repo instead. 😆

It's a bit sad that one of the main selling points of the TV I just bought was how easy it was NOT to connect it to the wifi network.

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