@mogwai_poet give past Jim a high five, that guy is clearly looking out for you.

@peter my mantra is "breakfast and move things"

@fribbledom ah! Good call.

Seems like a good global list would be made up of files unique to your local setup (like the editor backups) but not those likely to be generated by the project itself (node_modules)

@fribbledom what's the tilde rule about? I've not seen that before.

@fribbledom if I did this I'd still worry some other idiot would commit those files to the repo instead. 😆

It's a bit sad that one of the main selling points of the TV I just bought was how easy it was NOT to connect it to the wifi network.

@darius "Ambulatory Biocomputer" might just be my new job title (as far as Slack is concerned)

@mogwai_poet Oh interesting, glad they've got some support. I feel a bit better about downloading now 😁

@mogwai_poet oh cool! Does this one run the generation on your device then, or are we still costing the developer thousands on GCP each month?

@pixelfed Instagram import is the only thing stopping me from really getting into pixelfed, so that's on my wishlist too!

@dansup I'm skeptical. What dog wraps presents in paper with *cat* designs?

Twitter's decentralization play 

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configuring git to use bat instead of cat has been an incredibly sound decision. Look at this gorgeous diff! With method-aware context display!

@zkat I'd not heard of `bat` before. It looks nifty, thanks for sharing!

@dansup how has the ultrawide been treating you? I've heard good things about coding on them.

@dansup good stuff. Scaling is a good problem to have 👍🏻

@dansup you're not planning to load balance across multiple VPSes yet then eh?

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