@dansup how has the ultrawide been treating you? I've heard good things about coding on them.

@dansup good stuff. Scaling is a good problem to have πŸ‘πŸ»

@dansup you're not planning to load balance across multiple VPSes yet then eh?

@mogwai_poet call me when they reboot Jill of the Jungle as a knife-throwing femme fatale.

TFW your transactional email provider says a message is delivered but doesn't list any SMTP events for it

@micahflee I really enjoyed the first season but didn't get into season 2 for some reason.

@mogwai_poet well that's crappy. I know the matrix.org folks have a hook that grants Patreon backers access to certain supporter channels in their Matrix server. Might be a better fit?

@dansup Secretly hoping it's a Nicki Minaj wave BTW

@mogwai_poet If fire stations replaced stairs with poles to stop horses going up them, how did firefighters get upstairs? πŸ€”




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HELLvetica. Like helvetica, but with like, much shittier kerning for Halloween.


@keithamus I'm mad jealous. I only learned to drive last year and my province yanked their subsidy on EVs right before I got my license 😭

@fribbledom is that the opposite of survivorship bias?

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