@dansup to you as well! Hope you're enjoying the most recent addition to our national(ish) holidays 😁

I'm really digging the v1 release of Riot's web/desktop app. If you tried it in the past but found the UI a turn-off, I highly recommend giving it another go now riot.im

@dansup also it's the kind of thing people will pay to have hosted since they can make a business case for it.

@dansup very cool. This is my favourite example of AP interoperability I've seen so far. Most things are various kinds of social media talking to one an other but this is properly useful!

@dansup interesting! So State publishes event data to subscribers' AP inboxes?

PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware Show more

@schlink I've started using bitwarden recently and have had good experiences so far. Whatever people choose, having a password manager is better than having no password manager!

Researching Scuttlebutt this evening. Does anyone I know on here use it? Can you recommend a pub I can follow?

@dansup my personal take is "Move things and breakfast"

@dansup Interesting! I'm not very familiar with the modern PHP landscape, but at a glance this looks like a Heroku-type deployment method but with your own (virtual) hardware. Is that a fair assessment?

@dansup Zero downtime deploys are the shit.

My current job uses Unicorn's built in forking method, but I've also used Amazon's container service to achieve similar results.

What system are you using for Pixelfed.social?

My daughter's advent calendar this year features a Lego set divided up into 24 parts that she can assemble in the run-up to Christmas.

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, we'll see tomorrow what she thinks 😁

@hay thanks! I had a blast making it and learned so much about the process.

I'm already dreaming up my next project, it'll probably be a prop from a videogame, maybe a Destiny 2 piece?

I've got some chicken Rogan Josh and Koren-style pork chops on the go for this week's meal prep.

Not shown: rice for the curry and roasted sweet potato and Brussels sprouts for the pork.

It smells amazing in here.

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