@fribbledom When I played the original Monkey Island a few years ago it glitched out right at the very end and I lost my save 😭

Apart from that it was wonderful though! The sword fighting insults are still among my favourite adventure game mechanics/jokes

Food, meat substitutes 

I dived back into Astroneer with @carsonb this week, and it's been a blast. The progression through the tech tree is in that sweet spot between a walk in the park and an impossible-looking climb. I'm excited to do more next week!

@nolan I've got the web version pinned to my home screen on my phone but only because I'm running an install that has custom posting features I wouldn't get in generic native apps

@KitsuneAlicia @fribbledom a good friend of mine made a major breakthrough when he installed a remote desktop client to do tech support on a family member's computer. Super worth it.

I successfully installed Hometown 2.9.3 on vidja.social the other night. Thanks to @darius and other contributors for their hard work, I'm excited to see what comes next.

@darius it was on a HN post about the Mastodon 3.0 Release

@darius I have been thinking about the future of my tiny (>10 user) social Slack group a lot recently.

Today I came across runyourown.social linked from discussion on the new Mastodon 3.0 release.

Coincidence? Highly likely!

Anyway I think there are some great ideas in there and it has fanned the community-building flame in me. Thank you for writing it.

The weather is finally good enough to get outside with some tools and build something!

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@Gargron @dansup I suppose the _real_ alternative is proper moderation. Moderation-as-a-service or even pluggable moderation tools would be a big win.

@Gargron @dansup the alternative is that conversation gets drowned out by dozens of "👍" comments, which is how it used to be. Personally I prefer the reactions, but making them a repo option gives people the freedom to choose.

@dansup aww, I love keybase! I have an extension that highlights Hacker News users with verified keybase accounts, and it pops up more often than I would have expected.

Granted it's a tech crowd on there but still!

@dansup brilliant! I've been holding off on deleting my Instagram account until I could export to Pixelfed. Soon™!

@peter twinfold is fantastic. I've played a bunch of hours of it and it still hasn't gotten old.

Currently building an interface to let users delete their own accounts for @prismo

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